Center for Clinical Care and Clinical Research is a non-profit organization that promotes best practices in health care delivery, medical training and research using locally-adapted models of health systems strengthening. Established in 2010, CCCRN implements through a team of experienced health and allied professionals that include clinicians, laboratorians, community workers and health information specialists.

Touching lives in a unique way, CCCRN has its footprints in 12 states of Nigeria, where it implements health initiatives and contributes to the global knowledge of applicable health solutions.

Our Core Values


Pursuit of excellence and leadership in all endeavor


Creation of value through knowledge acquisition, application and dissemination


Adherence to ethics and promotion of healthy respectful relationships with all


Commitment to being responsible and transparent in all interactions with staff and the community


Commitment to a culture that is enriched by diversity and inclusion in all respects


Promotion of team work that fosters insightful and excellent solutions and advancement