In-service Training Impact Evaluation study (I-TIE)


US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)



Benue, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Gombe States


To assess current knowledge and job performance of HCWs that attended in-service training. It will seek to evaluate individual job performance of HCWs as a result of attending in-service training


Data collectors will also receive training on informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality.
However, we hope that information that would derive from this study may be useful in the design and implementation of in-house trainings in the future.

Findings from this study will show current knowledge and job performance of the study participants. It would provide some insight into usefulness of in-service training in key target areas in improving overall knowledge and job performance of staff. This information may be used by relevant government authorities in the targeted four states to improve human resources for health (HRH) capacities.

Findings from this study will be used primarily to provide information on capacity gaps that would inform longitudinal support for enhancing health care worker performance after in-service trainings. This is especially useful for training organizations and funders, however, also intend to share the findings with other stakeholders as best practices towards improving quality of training programs.

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