ACE- 4

Accelerating Control of the HIV Epidemic in Nigeria

The ACE C4 project, led by CCCRN in Abuja, strategically addresses the HIV epidemic by focusing on four key result areas. It aims to enhance access to HIV/AIDS/TB prevention and treatment services, improve service quality, fortify the health system’s resiliency, and build capacity for evidence-based monitoring. The project, designed for evidence-driven impact, incorporates robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning practices and emphasizes local partnerships and sustainability. Implemented through crosscutting approaches, including sustainable service delivery, health workforce capacity enhancement, quality improvement institutionalization, and technology solutions, ACE4 ensures efficient and effective program execution.

All interventions are evidence- based, culturally sensitive, and gender-responsive, fostering integration between social, health, and HIV services for a comprehensive continuum of care. Collaboration with existing mechanisms within the state, involving partners like Jhpiego, ARFH, and SCIDaR, amplifies the project’s reach and impact. This concerted effort represents a multifaceted strategy, emphasizing evidence, sustainability, and integration to combat the HIV epidemic effectively. (2022 – 2027)

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