Capacity Building for frontline Health workers

CCCRN has played significant roles in strengthening human resources within the health sector in Nigeria. Our approach ensures cadre to cadre training and mentorship with extensive supportive supervision. Beyond technical assistance offered on CCCRN care and treatment projects, the organization has received dedicated funding for human resource capacity development through CDC funded cooperative agreements – 1U2GGH000946 and 1U2GGH000916.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 awarded CCCRN a cooperative agreement (1U2GGH000946) to strengthen regulatory agencies and pre service training institutions to review curricula and train health workers on management of HIV and related infections. The outcomes were improved training environment in 13 Pre-service institutions (Schools of Nursing, Colleges of Health Technology and University of Nigeria Nsukka) in Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu States; and enhanced capacity of the medical tutors through TOT and longitudinal mentoring. Over 3,000 pre-service graduated from these institutions with enhanced skills to support HIV epidemic control.

The Partnership for Medical Education and Training project (1U2GGH000916) was awarded in 2012 as a five-year award to institutionalize in-service trainings for HIV management in Nigerian tertiary health facilities. Through the award, CCCRN established thirteen (13) training centers in tertiary health facilities located in Federal Capital Territory, Gombe, Nassarawa, Benue, Ekiti, Lagos Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Kaduna states. The strategy serves the purpose of integrating HIV trainings within existing service delivery structures, minimizing costs of space or facilitators, while strengthening human capacity and infrastructure at these institutions. Engagement of trainers within these institutions enables trainings to be conducted by a stable work force of experience hands that derive their remuneration from the Government. While more than 130 national trainers have been included into the pool of trainers, over 8,600 health care workers have received in-service trainings in Adult ART, Pediatric ART, PMTCT, HCT, TB/HIV and other trainings in Infectious diseases.

As an accredited CME provider with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, CCCRN provides regular update opportunities for medical professionals in all the states of our work through private funds or funded through our partnerships with AbbVie, National Agency for Control of AIDS and the World Bank.

Laboratories and broad diagnostic strengthening

CCCRN has supported a vast network of laboratories, strengthening their capacity for multiple diagnostic and patient monitoring platforms. Our team includes equipment maintenance experts, Quality experts, ASLM trained professionals and SLMTANs.

Under the SEEDS project, CCCRN supported 48 clinical laboratories for CD4, Chemistry and Hematology platforms, 8 GeneXpert platforms and 2 molecular PCR laboratories in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital and Annunciation Hospital Enugu. Through a bike rider sample referral mechanism, the project ensured an efficient networking of satellite sites to nodal laboratories for analysis of patient samples.

CCCRN provides technical assistance for Quality assurance for tests through multiple strategies and support accreditation for eligible laboratories.

Institutional strengthening and Capacity Building of local organizations

Our partnership framework includes several sub grantees, service delivery facilities and the host governments. We have developed an efficient engagement structure that enhances their technical, programmatic and finance processes for program implementation, monitoring and evaluation through capacity building and mentoring.

These platforms include monthly reporting and feedback processes, quarterly review meetings, quarterly technical assistance and structured knowledge management sessions. Under the separate prime Awards, CCCRN has sub-granted organizations that includes Christian Health Association of Nigeria, Solina Health, Excellence and Friends Management Consult and several CBOs with distinct scope of work in focus states.

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