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HIV Testing and Counseling

CCCRN has strengthened hospital and community structures to implement standardized testing protocols for HIV testing and counseling. Our approach bundles HIV tests with prevention packages and are culturally delivered with sensitivity that improves/encourages uptake, particularly for people at high risk of HIV infection and key populations. 

HIV Care and Treatment

From 2010 till date, CCCRN has implemented large comprehensive HIV care and treatment projects (CDC/CHAN-CHARIS Project: 2010–2012; CDC/SEEDS project 2012-2017; CDC/APIN iCARES project: 2017-2022) in Plateau, Kano, Enugu, Ebonyi Imo and Benue States.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children's (OVC) Program

CCCRN has strengthened capacity of local community based organizations to provide comprehensive OVC services in six states (Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Benue State) to more than 380,000 orphans and vulnerable children and 54,000 households many of whom have been graduated from the program.

Tuberculosis Care

CCCRN has developed and implemented innovative approaches to increase TB case detection among itinerant Fulani in Kwara and Niger State using community volunteers through a WHO TB REACH grant in 2014.


Capacity Building for frontline Health workers

CCCRN has played significant roles in strengthening human resources within the health sector in Nigeria. Our approach ensures cadre to cadre training and mentorship with extensive supportive supervision.

Laboratories and broad diagnostic strengthening

CCCRN has supported a vast network of laboratories, strengthening their capacity for multiple diagnostic and patient monitoring platforms. Our team includes equipment maintenance experts, Quality experts, ASLM trained professionals and SLMTANs.

Institutional strengthening and Capacity Building of local organizations

Our partnership framework includes several sub grantees, service delivery facilities and the host governments. We have developed an efficient engagement structure that enhances their technical, programmatic and finance processes for program implementation, monitoring and evaluation through capacity building and mentoring.


Technology Applications for Strategic Information, Monitoring and Evaluation

Through its capacity building awards, CCCRN has established a web based platform to provide virtual capacity building opportunities for health care work force. It provides additional learning resource other than those covered in the conventional training sessions.

Quality Improvement

Our goal for Quality Improvement is to maximize patient health outcomes, build capacity of service providers for sustainable quality of care and to improve overall quality of HIV/AIDS and other diseases care and treatment programs through data collection, analysis and utilization for evidence based approaches.


Grants Management Capacity

CCCRN has demonstrated the capacity to manage projects and funds according to national and international best practices. CCCRN has managed over 65 million USD within the last 12 years on 15 projects funded by the US Government, World Bank/NACA and WHO.


Research Capacity

CCCRN has implemented clinical and operational research activities funded through CDC, NIH, Clinton Health Access Initiatives, GEANCO and other private streams. These include Adolescent Coordinated Transition study to Improve Health Outcomes among Nigerian HIV Youth,

Disease Surveillance and Notification

In consortium with the University of Maryland, CCCRN was awarded GH15-1632 Global Health Security project to expand efforts and strategies to protect and improve public health globally.


Vaccine Management

Through funding from UNICEF, in collaboration with NPHCDA and other stakeholders, Centre for Clinical Care and Clinical Research (CCCRN) conducted an independent physical stock count and audit of vaccines and devices in all the functional Cold & Dry stores in Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo states.

Tuberculosis and Antiretroviral commodity Management

From 2010 till date, CCCRN has actively managed the end-to-end supply chain of TB and HIV commodities in the SEEDS, CHARIS, APIN iCARES grants. These include commodity quantification, forecasting, procurement, warehousing/storage, distribution and inventory management.

Product and Supply Management Technical Working Group (PSM TWG)

CCCRN played a pivotal role in the establishment of PSM TWG and Logistics Management Coordinating Unit (LMCU) in many states, focused on capacity building and increasing supply chain ownership by State governments.

Maturity Model Assessment

As a drive towards continuous improvement, the Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management Unit periodically performs end-to-end supply chain self-diagnosis of their operations using the Global Health Maturity Model Assessment Tool to assess supply chain needs.

Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting

CCCRN places high importance on Pharmacovigilance by promoting regular screening of patients for adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and ensuring proper monitoring, management, documentation and reporting of all identified adverse drug reactions.

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